For any security related problems in the Witfontein Plantation, please call Greystorm Tactical

044 072 0045

For any medical assistance in the Witfontein Plantation, please call Eden 911

06 08 911 911


What is all this about?

Between June 2020 to January 2021, we have now recorded 15 attacks! Citizens are held up at knife-point (usually with Pangas), and we have recently received one report of intimidations with a firearm.



Our Permits are in place, Greysotrm Tactical is ready, and we have officially started operations to patrol the Witfontein Plantation! We now have a number to call for security-related issues, AND we managed to secure the ambulance services of Eden 911 to offer medical assistance to anyone in the plantation when an ambulance is available!

We still have quite a way to go with funding in order to reach all our set goals, but we are well on our way. Please continue to read on and consider supporting our cause by making a donation.

The Short Version

If you have been following our cause, we have now kicked into 2nd gear and we are aiming for paid-for security, with two security patrols per day (60 per month), 7 days per week, and a number to call in case of an incident. We are also aiming to implement 5 x PTZ CCTV cameras to cover the perimeter towards Blanco/Montagu side.

This is now the time for you to support this cause, we need your donation! Please feel free to contact us should you require more information.

The current direction we are taking was discussed and agreed to in principle, by the following groups.

  • Hillbillies Mountain Bike Club
  • Garden Route Trail Running Club
  • Conquer Together Hiking Group
  • Happy Hikers Group
  • No Shortcuts MTB Group
  • Coimbra Cycle House (MTB Shop)
  • Cycle and Sports Centre (MTB Shop)
  • RA Cycle and Run (MTB Shop)
  • Ride Life (MTB Shop)
  • CGH - Campher's Drift/Glen Barrie/Heatherlands Neighbourhood Watch

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Proposed Budget: 2021-2022

Our initial budget includes 15 months of paid for security patrols, a number to call in case of an incident, CCTV camera installations and sign boards.

Budget Layout

(Trial Period - Greystorm Tactical)
Monthly Patrols (R7,500.00) x 3
Total: R22,500.00

(Permanent Contract - Greystorm Tactical)
Monthly Patrols (R7,500.00) x 12
Total: R90,000.00

CCTV Cameras (R20,000.00) x 5
Total: R100,000.00

Boards/Signage/Media (R20,000.00) x 1
Total: R20,000.00

GRAND TOTAL: R232,500.00

We foresee that the budget for 2022-2023 will be considerably less due to the fact that a big part of this initial budget is aimed towards once-off equipment purchases and installations.

Donations and Funding

Our main funding objective is to receive donations from within the local community that make use of the area. We make use of various platforms to receive donations.


We keep all our partner channels updated on our progress and any new developments that need to be shared with the local community.

Our Sponsors

Apart from our local community that have greatly participated with private donations, we would also like to thank our business sector and group sponsors for their great contributions to our cause!